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Open Event programme for 2016-17

Launching Fresh Thinking Labs means an array of opportunities for the first wave of members to meet In Person and Online, build relationships, share experiences and create Communities.

Fresh Thinking Lab partners are currently working on the following Open Events and the programme will be further extended in coming weeks.

When and where Theme
Bristol UK
5th-6th October 2016
Employee-Driven Innovation
and devolved decision-making
Hosted by Saint-Gobain in its new FabLab
December 2016
Self-managed teams and empowerment Hosted by a leading Scottish company
February 2017
Employee-Driven Innovation
and ideation platforms
Hosted by a leading Danish research institute
April 2017
Empowerment in the workplace Hosted by two leading Basque companies
June 2017
Flat management structures Hosted by a leading Dutch company