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The Fresh Thinking Labs Events programme 2017

Fresh Thinking Lab members enjoy access to a unique range of opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience, building professional relationships with like-minded people and collaborating with them on issues of common interest.

The following Open Events are available to all Fresh Thinking Labs members.

2017 Open Events
February 22nd-23rd February, Nottingham
E.ON: Diversity, Inclusion and Culture

EON is one of the UK's leading power and gas companies - generating electricity, and retailing power and gas. The company has been passionate about Diversity and Inclusion for many years and has won several awards for its initiatives in this area. During this event E.ON will examine the question: “how do you embed Diversity and Inclusion in the very DNA of an organisation – and reap the resulting benefits in terms of enhanced engagement and business performance?”
March 8th-9th March, Copenhagen
Two day event: Collaborative Workplaces of the Future with the Danish Technological Institute & Novozymes
Denmark’s capital has become an innovation hotspot and host to some of the world’s most innovative and creative companies. Inspired by exciting companies and leading experts we will immerse ourselves in an intensive two-day programme featuring speakers from IKEA, Hitachi, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, ISS, VELUX and more. We will network and learn how to make our workplaces more collaborative and engaged in creating innovations that excite our customers, including interactive learning sessions and hands-on workshops.
May 9th-10th May, London
GE Mining: Transforming culture
Changing culture in one of the world’s largest multinationals is an exciting and ambitious prospect. Share GE’s experiences – and challenges – in his highly interactive event hosted at its London HQ.
June 14th-15th June, San Sebastian
Ederfil Becker: Self-Managed
Teamworking in a Flat
Ederfil Becker is a striking example of innovative management. This manufacturer of electrically conductive materials ascribes its remarkable competitive advantage to self-organised teams in which communication, transparency and employee voice set the lines of action of its daily operations.
June 21st-22nd June, Nottingham
The Good Work, Mental Health and Well-being Lab: Opening Workshop
Fresh Thinking Labs and Mindful Employer are delighted to launch the Good Work and Mental Well-Being Lab in association with E.ON, Macmillan Cancer Support and Emma Bridgewater. A highly interactive event combining insights and knowledge from leading experts with opportunities for participants to learn about each other and to share practical experience.
19th – 20th September, Tallinn
Organisation Design at Proekspert
In 2014 Estonian software development company Proekspert announced that it had become a manager-free, flat organisation… and won first place at the ‘Employer of Your Dreams’ 2014 competition in the business sector category. Staff are invited to “organise your own work, choose your own tools, and communicate directly with your clients”. So how do you embed – and sustain – such a change?

NB: timing and content of events may be subject to change.

How do I sign up?

Become a member of Fresh Thinking Labs to gain access to these Open Events. The registration form invites you to indicate which of these events you are interested in signing up to, so that we can allocate your place as soon as possible.

Please note that Company Standard Membership of Fresh Thinking Labs includes one place at each Open Event; Company Plus Membership enhances these benefits by offering up to three places, while Company Premier Membership includes up to five places.

In Person Labs in 2017

Fresh Thinking Labs members also enjoy unique opportunities to form In Person Labs, which are closed groups of circa 15 companies focused on a specific theme or geographical location. These groups meet three or four times a year, typically in members’ workplaces, enabling the host to showcase good practices and gain support from other participants as ‘critical friends’. Fresh Thinking Labs Members join In Person Labs either at a reduced subscription fee or free of charge, depending on their category of membership.

Find out more about In Person Labs running in 2017.

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