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Inclusive and devolved decision making at DS Smith

DS Smith Lockerbie believes in open, inclusive and devolved decision-making.

As part of the company’s commitment to workplace innovation, morning meetings in the Operations Room were introduced to improve communication and enable joint planning and problem-solving amongst employees. Front line representatives from each work area take part in these meetings and use a series of visual management boards to record their daily discussions. Participants take turns in leading the meeting and are encouraged to keep the tone optimistic and collaborative.

Meetings are coached and scored by members of the management team, using a standard proforma to measure the quality of factors such as effectiveness, participation, inclusivity, and the avoidance of blame and recrimination. The MD usually coaches the Friday morning meeting and encourages reflection on ‘how to make next week better than this week’.

The change has been welcomed by employees, who are steadily embracing the new culture and are extending more participative ways of working into other areas of the business.

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