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How to build high performance and great working lives

Our experience of promoting fairer, more productive work dates back as far as the early 1990s. Together with our Dutch partners, we were the co-creators of the workplace innovation concept - which has now taken root in European Commission policy and in the economic strategies of several countries, including Scotland.

Workplace innovation sees organisations as systems of interdependent parts which need to be considered as a whole, leading to simultaneous benefits for businesses and their employees, and is evidence-based.

It includes:

  • good job design,
  • self-managed teamworking,
  • human-centred technologies,
  • employee-driven improvement and innovation,
  • flatter organisational structures,
  • coaching styles of management,
  • trust-based systems and procedures,
  • employee voice in decision-making,
  • shared & distributed (‘co-created’) leadership.

In 2013 we created The Essential  Fifth Element, an actionable approach to workplace innovation which has since helped many companies achieve significant performance gains while also enhancing the well-being and engagement of employees at every level.

Here are some recent examples:

Reduced the impact of functional divisions to improve workflow, delegated decision-making to team and involved staff in innovation.
Significant cost reduction and efficiency gains, and major steps towards creating a culture of improvement and innovation.
Booth Welsh
Engineering Services
Greater transparency and measures to engage staff, reducing functional silos and stimulating employee-driven innovation. 60+ ideas generated by employees; Martin Welsh (MD) argues that WIEP has placed the company 12 months ahead of its competitors.
DS Smith
Leadership transparency; delegation of decision-making to frontline meetings; employee-led process mapping and improvement.
WIEP played a vital role in changing work practices through DS Smith Lockerbie, leading to a £1.4m profit upturn without capital investment.
Laing Traditional Masonry
Building Renovation
Leadership transparency and enhanced 2-way communication with site-based teams combined with good practice teamwork principles.
Significant improvements in meeting targets and an average improvement in profitability of 6% per project.
Premier Hytemp
Introduction of a representative ‘Shop Committee’ bringing employee voice into decision-making and stimulating ideas for improvement.
MD claims that KPIs have all improved as a result of employee voice measures introduced by WIEP, building pride in the workplace.

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