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Changing together

A fasttrack to leadership development for change leaders

We’ve had some brilliant feedback from our Leadership for High Performance workshop in Exeter and can’t wait for the repeat sessions in Glasgow and Bristol during June. Why not join us?

These workshops respond to the needs of such a diverse range of participants, coming from organisations of very different types yet learning together from evidence and experience, sharing ideas and providing mutual support. They’re also a great way of kickstarting our ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management programme.

Hannah is an emerging business leader working in a fast-growing IT based company:

Our business is incredibly dynamic and we’re always changing at a really fast pace and we’re trying to keep up and make sure the technology we’re developing is mirrored with the innovation within the business. We’re trying to ensure that everyone gets the personal development they need as efficiently as we can in order to keep pace with the technology we are pioneering within the business.

We’ve grown substantially in the past few years and moved into a new workspace, and while we now have the physical space and we’ve got some great people with great ideas, we’ve not yet got the right structure to cope with bringing new people and giving them managerial responsibilities they haven’t had before. We’re growing as a business and it’s tricky to avoid the growing pains associated with a fast paced growing business.

Today has given me a real idea of how we can combine the changes we’re undergoing. The workshop has been fantastic in terms of how other companies have shared their experiences and how they have worked through issues similar to the ones we are facing. It has felt like some of the areas we are strong in as a business, we have been able to use to help other people and it’s very positive to have that business community sharing.

We’ve taken loads of new ideas from the workshop, some of which I may have heard about previously but haven’t thought to implement. I’ve listened to other companies who have implemented these changes and they have shared how it’s gone for them, and they have offered advice on how we can improve our business and our knowledge.

Hannah Bradley – Engagement Manager, Lightfoot

In contrast, Halinka is an experienced senior manager from a well-established not-for-profit organisation:

I have attended a few Workplace Innovation events before, including a Mental Health and Well-being at Work workshop and have found them to be really beneficial in terms of learning from other companies and the great ideas that they have that you can bring back to your own organisation.

It helps us benchmark where we are, while at the same time I can share our own experiences and good practices that we have achieved and that might help other people who may be struggling. This workshop has been a great refresher for me. I have come across many of the concepts discussed before but it has been so interesting to remind and refresh myself while at the same connecting with new people from very different backgrounds and organisations, and that has been really useful.

Halinka Hepworth – Head of People Service, Futures Housing Group

According to David O'Byrne, who flew from Cork especially for the workshop:

These workshops are really about how you can organise your team to get more out of it for the business while at the same time empowering them and giving them a better experience when they come to work. It demonstrates how and allowing them to tap into their creative side or their past and personal life that they don’t normally bring to work gets more in return as a result.

This has been a great event. Peter and Rosemary pulled us together as a group and you can see the dynamic working very quickly. You begin to realise that no matter what sector you come from the issues we have as managers are the same whether you’re working in operations, HR or general management, we’re all facing the same obstacles and what these events do is start to show you how to break these down.

This type of interaction also helps you see the things in a different way. You realise that all along you’ve been looking at something but not really seeing it and then you do and you can start to change things.

David O'Byrne

Join us for a future Leadership for High Performance Workshop!

Glasgow: 09.30 for 10.00, Tuesday, 18th June to 16.00, Wednesday, 19th June 2019.
Bristol: 09.30 for 10.00, Wednesday, 26th June to 16.00, Thursday, 27th June 2019.

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