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An interactive workshop hosted by Scania and the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

How are leading companies preparing for the challenges and opportunities of a world where innovation is vital for survival and success? And how will they build world-class workforces equipped with the skills and resilience required for the digital age?

This exciting event begins with a visit to Scania’s Smart Factory Lab, part of the company’s new focus on adapting, assessing and demonstrating technologies that will increase Scania’s productivity as well as improve product quality and worker health.

The Lab works with ideas for virtual and augmented reality, human robot collaboration and advanced analytics, generated from and applied throughout the company including its assembly, machining, maintenance and logistics functions.

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A full return on digital investment is achieved when technological innovation and workplace innovation are considered together. In this interactive masterclass we’ll explore international experiences and good practice, helping you define a roadmap towards the digital future. The event brings together the latest thinking and research from the UK and the rest of Europe, the expertise of digital specialists from Scotland and Finland, and company experiences of people-centred approaches to digital innovation.

Why attend?

  • Learn from leading European experts
  • Gain inspiration and practical insights from a transformative business leader
  • Share experiences with other Scottish companies
  • Assess current practices in your own company
  • Get advice from our experts
  • Explore the support and opportunities available from our workplace innovation specialists


  • Megan Butler a senior research advisor at the CIPD and former in-house AI in HR specialist at CogntionX, an AI specialist research house
  • Futurice co-founder, Hanno Nevanlinna is an innovator by heart who designs everything from sustainable digital services to furniture and better work life practices
  • Martin Welsh, managing director of engineering services technology company Booth Welsh, is a firm believer that embracing Industry 4.0 is as much to do with human interaction, as it is to do with technology
  • Dorte Zacho Martinsen,CEO of family-owned BM Silo, a Danish SME producing agricultural products

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Are you wondering on how to create high performance and make your business a great place to work? If so, come and join us for this fantastic event!

This lunchtime session offers a unique opportunity to discover how a growing number of companies are transforming their working practices and cultures in ways that lead to real improvements in business performance, innovation, employee engagement and well-being.

Workplace innovation is a term increasingly used across Europe to describe the introduction of evidence-based workplace practices that enable people at every level to use and develop their full range of skills, knowledge, experience and creativity. It helps organisations and their employees improve organisational performance and working lives.The approach is of equal importance to all types of organisation, be they large or small, in manufacturing or services, or in public administrations.

Participants at the session will gain practical insights and actionable ideas drawn from a vast body of research and experience.

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Interested to learn more? Fresh Thinking Labs is the international platform for company networking and workplace innovation, On Line  and In Person:

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When: 23 - 24/10/2019 (Register before: 01/10/2019)

Where: EIPA Headquarters, Maastricht (NL)

Work and workplaces are crucial to creating sustainable innovation and growth. Inclusive and engaging workplaces provide staff with good quality jobs that utilise their skills and develop their talents effectively enabling these staff, in turn, to deliver high levels of performance and future innovation.

With the Europe 2020 strategy, workplace innovation now occupies an important place in EU innovation and competitiveness policy. In 2013 the European Commission launched EUWIN (the European Workplace Innovation Network) and started a large-scale movement to create more productive and healthier places to work.

This interactive workshop introduces Workplace Innovation and is intended for participants of all levels who would like to learn how to improve performance and working lives by releasing the full knowledge, skill and creativity of people at every level.

Over two days, you will gain practical insights and actionable ideas condensed from the vast body of research and experience that exists in Europe. People leading change in different organisations also benefit enormously from exchanging ideas and experience of ‘what works’ (and what doesn’t), by sharing problems and solutions, and by acting as ‘critical friends’ to each other.

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Interested to learn more? Fresh Thinking Labs is the international platform for company networking and workplace innovation, On Line  and In Person:

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What digital innovation means for your business

Digital technologies promise to transform productivity, remove waste and eliminate repetitive work through the rational organisation of production and service delivery.

The promise of digital technologies

  • The application of information and communication technology (ICT) to digitise information and integrate systems af all stages of product creation and use (including logistics and supply), both inside companies and across company boundaries.
  • Cyber-physical systems that use ICTs to monitor and control physical processes and systems.
  • Network communications including wireless and internet technologies that link machines, work products systems and people.
  • Simulation, modelling and virtualisation in the design of products and the establishment of manufacturing processes.
  • Collection of vast quantities of data, and their analysis and exploitation, either immediately on the factory floor, or through big data analysis and cloud computing.
  • Greater ICT-based support for human workers, including robots, augmented reality and intelligent tools.

European Parliamentary Research Service

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Booth Welsh and Workplace Innovation Europe will jointly lead The Digital Advantage Innovation Consortium, an innovative programme beginning Autumn 2019, which will bring up to twelve companies together on a shared journey towards digital advantage.

The programme will provide individual participants with digital change leadership skills, with the option of an internationally recognised Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM) qualification. Their companies gain structured support to build digital and organisational readiness for technological change, drawing on evidence-based practices and exemplary cases from across Europe.

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Learning from other businesses and productivity ideas from your people is the future of good and productive work! Invest in your people's (including managers) development and empower them to bring ideas forward. The workers have the answers and together with dynamic managers will improve productivity .... key messages from the panel led by Peter Totterdill at the The Work Foundation Centenary Celebration.

Also in the panel were:
Richard Carter - Managing Director of BASF UK&Ireland 
Rannia Leontaridi - Director of Business Growth, BEIS
Tony Tanker - CEO, Be the Business
Paul Nowak - Deputy General Secretary, TUC.

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A fasttrack to leadership development for change leaders

We’ve had some brilliant feedback from our Leadership for High Performance workshop in Exeter and can’t wait for the repeat sessions in Glasgow and Bristol during June. Why not join us?

These workshops respond to the needs of such a diverse range of participants, coming from organisations of very different types yet learning together from evidence and experience, sharing ideas and providing mutual support. They’re also a great way of kickstarting our ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management programme.

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Workplace innovation is strongly grounded in evidence – and needs to stay that way

In 2001, the European Commission asked Peter Totterdill and his colleagues to produce a study that would analyse evidence both from existing research and from a broad sample of one hundred highly innovative companies in six European countries. The aim of this study, known as Hi-Res¹ was to create a practical approach designed to help companies and their employees achieve win-win outcomes in terms of business performance and quality of working lives.

The concept we developed was ‘workplace innovation’. It describes workplace practices and cultures which enable employees at all levels to use their knowledge, competences and creativity to the full.

Above all, workplace innovation describes a series of interlocking workplace practices that are solidly grounded in evidence.

It starts with the practical problems, challenges and opportunities facing an organisation. Fuelled by open dialogue, experimentation and shared learning, it gradually transforms an organisation by empowering employees at all levels to lead improvement and innovation throughout the business.

In short, it is not the latest management fad or quick fix.

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Latest workshops provide a fasttrack to leadership development

Described by one participant as “a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the current landscape of your organisation and develop ideas to drive innovation”, our recent Exeter workshop created such a great buzz that we’ve decided to repeat it – this time in Glasgow and Bristol. The Exeter event attracted companies as varied as including Johnson & Johnson, Delt Services, MBDA, Futures Housing Group, M-EC and Lightfoot, and we’re expecting even greater diversity at our next events.

Several participants in the Exeter workshop used the event to kickstart their journey towards an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management combined with accreditation as Workplace Innovation Practitioners.

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