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The Digital Advantage Innovation Consortium

Booth Welsh and Workplace Innovation Europe will jointly lead The Digital Advantage Innovation Consortium, an innovative programme which will bring up to twelve companies together on a shared journey towards digital advantage.

The programme will provide individual participants with digital change leadership skills, with the option of an internationally recognised Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM) qualification. Their companies gain structured support to build digital and organisational readiness for technological change, drawing on evidence-based practices and exemplary cases from across Europe.

Industry 4.0 promises to transform productivity, remove waste and eliminate repetitive work through the rational organisation of production and service delivery. Yet research evidence and practical experience alike suggest that improvements in productivity will be achieved mainly through enhancing human labour through digital assistance rather than replacing it. In short, organisations are unlikely to achieve a full return on investment unless technological innovation and human factors are considered together.

When companies work together, they create collaborative advantage by fast tracking successful innovation. They share ideas and experiences of ‘what works’ and solve problems as a team. The Workplace Innovation Engagement Programme in Scotland offers a recent and highly effective example of how this works in practice.

In summary, the programme includes:

The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic ®, an employee survey which will assess your organisational and workforce readiness for digital innovation and identify detailed priorities for action.

Seven highly interactive, expert-led Workshops exploring the digital, organisational and workforce dimensions of change, drawing on international evidence and experience.

Expert and company practitioner speakers, sharing evidence of leading practice in Europe.

Action learning sets, a forum for peer-to-peer support, sharing problems and successful practices.

In house coaching, facilitation and support for digital, organisational and workforce readiness.

A repeat Diagnostic after 12 months, enabling you to celebrate progress and identify priorities for subsequent action.

The programme would involve two people from each organisation, both of whom should have a role in enabling or stimulating change. For each person it would involve no more than 8 days off-site over a 12 month period, combined with 2 days on-site facilitation, coaching and advice. The programme will also be supported by online interaction and bespoke e-learning resources via a closed Lab on the Fresh Thinking Labs platform.

Each of the eight sessions would be hosted by a member company, offering further opportunities to learn from each other.

In short, DAIC offers a unique opportunity, combining the technological expertise of Booth Welsh with Workplace Innovation Europe’s organisational and people-centred knowledge and experience.

Booth Welsh and Workplace Innovation Europe can offer you this programme at an inclusive introductory cost of £6000+VAT, covering two participants.

We expect a high demand for places and so advise early booking!

To discuss how the Digital Advantage Innovation Consortium can help your organisation please contact Dr Peter Totterdill (Director, Workplace Innovation Europe) or Martin Welsh (Managing Director, Booth Welsh).

Very privileged to be able to see and hear what others are doing to drive innovation forward through engaging their workforce.

A hugely informative and interactive session, great examples of how different organisations innovate with real working case studies.

This session allowed me to gain an appreciation of the softer aspects and workforce related considerations necessary to commence the digital transformation.

Feedback from our recent company visit and workshop at Booth Welsh

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