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Industry 4.0, Digitalisation and Future Work

A full return on digital investment is achieved when technological innovation and workplace innovation are considered together. In this interactive masterclass we’ll explore international experiences and good practice, helping you define a roadmap towards the digital future. The event brings together the latest thinking and research from the UK and the rest of Europe, the expertise of digital specialists from Scotland and Finland, and company experiences of people-centred approaches to digital innovation.

Why attend?

  • Learn from leading European experts
  • Gain inspiration and practical insights from a transformative business leader
  • Share experiences with other Scottish companies
  • Assess current practices in your own company
  • Get advice from our experts
  • Explore the support and opportunities available from our workplace innovation specialists


  • Megan Butler a senior research advisor at the CIPD and former in-house AI in HR specialist at CogntionX, an AI specialist research house
  • Futurice co-founder, Hanno Nevanlinna is an innovator by heart who designs everything from sustainable digital services to furniture and better work life practices
  • Martin Welsh, managing director of engineering services technology company Booth Welsh, is a firm believer that embracing Industry 4.0 is as much to do with human interaction, as it is to do with technology
  • Dorte Zacho Martinsen,CEO of family-owned BM Silo, a Danish SME producing agricultural products

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