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Workplace Innovation – it is not a leap in the dark

I often read that the vast majority of smart phone users only use a fraction of the device’s capability making it an expensive investment if the potential of its functionality is not exploited.

The same is true of many businesses who have a wonderful resource in knowledgeable and highly capable staff but fail to provide the workplace environment or the employee voice that taps into this potential and so miss out on the huge benefits that can be derived – enhanced performance, increased productivity, improved motivation and greater employee well-being.

“People aren’t going to wake up on a Monday morning and think: ‘great, there’ll be a bowl of fruit when I get to work!’”

Motivation is not just the results of tangible workplace benefits. As the MD of an Aberdeen-based engineering company told us:

It is more about awakening creativity and engendering the idea that employees can make a contribution, will be listened to and good ideas acted upon.

In the face of the huge economic, social and emotional challenges we are now undergoing, businesses must realise that senior teams cannot achieve sustainable change alone without the impetus of harnessing the creativity, insights and engagement of the entire workforce. But that means challenging some deeply embedded practices.

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