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Workplace Innovation Webinar: Leveraging Ownership

Statistics consistently demonstrate that employee-owned businesses outperform their counterparts in terms of higher profitability, increased productivity brought about by higher levels of employee engagement and wellbeing, and greater resilience during times of recession.  With an ownership stake in the business and an influence on governance, employees are more focused on the achievement of strategic goals, more likely to engage in improvement and innovation, and more receptive to positive change in the workplace. In short, employee ownership provides a powerful lever for workplace innovation, helping every type of company to achieve high performance and become an employer of choice.

During this interactive Webinar, you will be able to:

  • learn about different employee ownership options available and how they work in practice;
  • hear from Gripple, a highly successful manufacturing company committed to employee share ownership since 1994;
  • explore the world-famous Mondragon co-operative system and how it promotes workplace innovation.

Hear from experts and an international business leader who has inspired and informed real change.
Gain practical guidance and insights.
Share your experiences with other companies.

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